Incorporate a Company In Brazil

If you need to incorporate a company in Brazil in order to take advantage of its very profitable market of consumers, export your products, establish a branch or pursue an investment opportunity, CKSA can assist you in establishing your Brazilian company and removing all the red tapes from your path.

Incorporate a company in Brazil

At CKSA, we provide you all the support for incorporating a company in Brazil

Our firm set up your Brazilian company in 3 weeks. We also get a CNPJ number for your company. We offer customized solutions, removing all the red tapes and ensuring you always comply with Brazilian laws.

Additionally, if you need a Brazilian bank account for your newly created company, you can open it remotely through our Brazilian account opening service Arrow.

CKSA’s Brazilian Company Incorporation Service*

– Price: US$ 8,000.00 – Enquire Now

*Types of companies: LTDA and SA.

What Documents Are Needed?

To register a company in Brazil you just need to present a scanned copy of your passport. Complete documentation would only be necessary if you need to open a bank account, but not for company registration.

Do I need to be in Brazil to incorporate a Brazilian company?

No! Through CKSA’s consulting service, you do not need to travel to Brazil to set up your company in Brazil. We are accredited in every Brazilian Board of Trade of the country. So we can incorporate your company in any state of Brazil. We also obtain the CNPJ of your company at no additional cost.

What is a CNPJ?
Incorporate a Company In BrazilCNPJ is a tax ID number that identifies legal entities in Brazil. It is used to identify legal entities in banks, revenue agencies, social security system. It is very similar to the EIN in the United States. Learn more about CNPJ here Arrow.

Why incorporate with CKSA?

Because we are specialists in a full range of services for foreign companies and individuals doing business in Brazil. We provide a full range of legal, corporate, government, and business intelligence related services in Brazil. Our services includes full legal support of the company registration procedure, obtaining a legal address, interaction with the official government authorities of the jurisdiction, state fees, legal address of the company for a year, production and registration of company stamps and advising the client as part of the registration process. Additionally we may open a bank account for your company.

With our staff being composed of business managers, lawyers, ex-judges and employees from the most diverse professional areas, we know the extensive Brazilian legislation like no other firm.

We do not only offer consulting services in Brazil, we offer our experience to serve the success of your business in Brazil.

Benefits of Incorporating a Company in Brazil

  • Easy incorporation process;
  • Complete foreign ownership;
  • No minimum investment requirement;
  • No foreign currency control;
  • Double taxation treaties signed with over 20 countries.

Taxes in Brazil

  • Corporate tax rate – 15%
  • No Value Added Tax rate
  • No Capital gains Tax
  • No Stamp duty
  • Double taxation treaties signed with over 20 countries.

Types of Brazilian companies

  • Sociedade Limitada (LTDA) – Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • Sociedade Anônima (S.A.) – Corporation.
  • Branch of a Foreign Company (For setting up a branch click here Arrow).
  • Representative office of a Foreign Company (For setting up a representative office click here Arrow).

A LTDA is the most popular type of company in Brazil. It is very simple and inexpensive and it also contains basic protection for its owners’ personal net worth. It may contain only one shareholder.

Bookkeeping in Brazil

  • Annual financial reports requirements – YES.
  • Annual return requirements – YES.
  • Statutory audits – YES.

No Red Tapes

Incorporate a company in Brazil

With CKSA Consulting Services, it’s easy to incorporate a company in Brazil and do business in Brazil. You manage your investments while we deal with the bureaucratic part for you.

Set up your company in Brazil now*

– Price: US$ 8,000.00 – Enquire Now

*Types of companies: LTDA and SA.

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