About CKSA Investments

About CKSA

CKSA is an international firm providing a comprehensive range of legal, consulting, financial and importation services for corporate and personal clients doing business in Brazil. We offer cost-effective customized solutions that best serve our clients in accordance with Brazilian legislation.

CKSA protects, assists and represents individuals, companies and law firms from all over the world. Our firm has demonstrated enduring record which emphasizes teamwork and a commitment to excellence.

With our staff being composed of business managers, lawyers, ex-judges and employees from the most diverse professional areas, we know the extensive Brazilian legislation like no other firm.

We do not only offer consulting services in Brazil, we offer our experience to serve the success of your business in Brazil.

Our firm combines our tradition of wisdom and commitment with the last innovations in the practice of law, international trading and finance. We are very proud that it’s the key for our success.

CKSA is reputed as a leading consulting and legal services firm in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other main cities across Brazil. Our tradition of exemplary performance executed with practical judgment, remains highly respected among our peers.

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With CKSA Consulting Services, it’s easy to establish in Brazil. You manage your investments while we deal with the bureaucratic part for you.

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São Paulo, SP
Brazil – Zip Code: 01310-916