Legal representation in Brazil

Legal representation in Brazil

At CKSA, we provide Legal Representation in Brazil to your business

Legal representation in Brazil is a very important matter for companies doing business in Brazil. A foreign company doing business in the country must permanently maintain a legal representative with powers to sign on behalf of the foreign shareholders, solve issues related to the business, respond in a legal capacity and receive summons on behalf of the company.

Legal representation in BrazilBrazilian legislation also requires every non-resident that holds quotas, capital or shares of a Brazilian company to appoint an attorney-in-fact that resides in the country, with legal capacity and powers to receive summons on behalf of the shareholders.

We at CKSA have broad expertise on representation of legal representation and foreign shareholders in Brazil. With our staff being composed of business managers, lawyers, ex-judges and employees from the most diverse professional areas, we know the extensive Brazilian legislation like no other firm.

We do not only offer consulting services in Brazil, we offer our experience to serve the success of your business in Brazil.

CKSA provides two types of this service in Brazil:

1) Legal Representative of Companies – We provide legal representative service for your company in Brazil. One of CKSA local officials in Brazil is named in the corporate charter of your Brazilian company, but our official is in no way involved in the operational management or decision-making of your company. This service does not involve any action or displacement, and only affects the assumption of responsibility afforded by the title of director.

2) Attorney-In-Fact – The shareholders (foreigners or non-residents/natural persons or legal entities) of a Brazilian company, must be represented in the corporate charter by a Brazilian resident. In order to assume the legal representation of the principals, a Brazilian or foreigner with a permanent Visa must become the representative, by proxy, of the associated members in Brazil. He or she must be named in the charter of the company, and has signing authority for principals.

CKSA’s Legal Representative & Attorney-In-Fact Service*

– Price: US$ 1,000.00 – Enquire Now

*This service is free for one year if you hire our Brazil Incorporation Service.

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