How to get a CNPJ number in Brazil

How to get a CNPJ number in Brazil
This is a CNPJ card, issued by Receita Federal do Brasil.

Among the many liabilities involved in managing a legal entity in Brazil, one of the most primordial is to get a CNPJ number. In Brazil, all entities are demanded to get a CNPJ before they start business or financial activities in Brazil. Even foreign entities must apply for a CNPJ before owning any property in Brazil.

What is a CNPJ? Why should I get one?

CNPJ acronym stands for Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica, which translated to English means National Registry of Legal Entities. It has similar functions to to those of the CPF: linking to the tax accountability databases of the Receita Federal do Brasil (Brazilian Federal Revenue Bureau – the IRS equivalent in Brazil). The only difference is that it is for exclusive use of legal entities.

This way, it is a number that identifies legal entities in Brazil. It is used to identify legal entities in banks, revenue agencies, social security system. It is very similar to the EIN in the United States.

In the past CNPJ was named CGC, which stands for Cadastro Geral de Contribuinte, which translated to English means General Taxpayer Registration. It is no longer used.

The CNPJ number has a total of 14 digits. The first 8 digits are the registration number, the following 4 digits (after the slash) identify the entity branch, for example 0001 for headquarters and the following numbers indicate the sequence of branches of a company. The last 2 digits form a checksum of the 12 previous digits.

CNPJ must be detailed on all invoice and receipts issued by the company and must also be detailed on the packaging of any products manufactured by the company.

Information is associated with it

CNPJ works as an Identity Number for the entity and it is linked to information regarding:

  • Date of incorporation
  • Registered Address
  • Entity legal name
  • Doing Business As (DBA) Name
  • Code and description of economic activities, according to the the CNAE, Brazil’s equivalent to the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities
  • Code and description of the legal status
  • Registration status

How to apply for one

Unlike the process to obtain a CPF, you will not be able to issue a CNPJ to your entity on your own at Brazilian. The process is done only by accredited accountants at the Boards of  Trade of the 27 Brazilian federative units.

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