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Can a foreigner open a bank account in Brazil?

Can a foreigner open a bank account in Brazil?Yes, a foreigner can open a bank account in Brazil. However, the Brazilian law doesn’t allow the bank account to be opened remotely (without a presential interview at the branch), unless you hire an attorney to fill up this requirement (take a look at CKSA’s Account Opening Service for Foreigners Arrow).

If you’re a foreigner opening a bank account in Brazil, BEWARE: When hiring an attorney for anything in Brazil, you gotta be careful if you are hiring a suitable professional. Beware of lawyers charging very low commissions to provide attorney services to foreigners in Brazil.

Being an attorney for a foreigner in Brazil is something that requires a lot of responsibility and if someone charges very cheaply for this, your assets and investments in Brazil may be at risk.

CKSA is accredited at the Brazilian Central Bank as an international financial services provider. We open bank accounts remotely for foreigners and we ensure all the correspondences, PINs and cards are sent straightly from the Brazilian bank to your address abroad. We do not retain any bank correspondence from the customer at our offices. We just issue our KYC report, attend to the account opening interview and keep in touch with the bank to ensure the account will be opened.

Documents required from a foreigner opening a bank account in Brazil


  1. Permanent visa (not required if you hire CKSA’s Service)
  2. Identification Document. It may be:
    a) Passport
    b) RNE
    c) ID card for Diplomats
  3. CPF (similar to SSN in the United States)
  4. Proof of address
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